brown wooden dock between lavender flower field near body of water during golden hour
brown wooden dock between lavender flower field near body of water during golden hour


Harnessing the Power of Nature For Health & Healing

Natural medicine is only beginning to receive the recognition it deserves. Research from clinics, universities, and labs all around the world continues to validate its potential. However, the natural health industry can lack integrity at times and focus on profit over results. Many companies haphazardly throw together formulas without much thought and use low-quality ingredients. This is a shame when so many are desperately looking for solutions. Here at Natural Principles, we prefer to focus on a few thematic formulas rather than dozens of single nutrients. Our goal is to provide unique and affordable products that offer tangible results and hopefully improve upon what's available in each specific category. They are the result of in-depth studying over many years and meticulous analysis.

The Incredible Power of Nature is Only Beginning to be Understood
T o t a l H a i r E l i x i r

Treatment options for menstrual pain & symptoms is a severely neglected area of medicine. The few options that provide some degree of relief often come with potential side effects. If you've tried natural options only to be disappointed with the lack of results, we hope you'll still give our product a chance.

We utilize both internal and external formulas that contain truly unique ingredients. There is no other product on the market that utilizes both routes to maximize healing. Our goal is to provide an effective and convenient product that you can rely on to feel better and function with more comfort each month. Click here to learn more



No products produced or distributed are intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before beginning any supplements or botanical extracts. If pregnant or breastfeeding consult with your physician before use. By purchasing from us you acknowledge that you assume all legal responsibility for product use. We try our best to formulate the safest products possible and give guidelines based on knowledge in the field of nutrition and herbal medicine. Discretion is needed with all products and supplements. For all who are under 18, please use only under adult supervision. Natural Principles is not responsible for the misuse of any products. Individual results may vary. Keep out of reach of children. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Total Hair Elixir is an incredibly simple, but powerful treatment that infuses the hair & scalp with the purest ingredients possible. Ingredients that detoxify, cleanse, repair, and strengthen with ease. Most products are low in nutrients & incredibly high in fillers & toxins. Total Hair Elixir takes a unique approach in a market that's saturated with toxicity and overly complicated routines.

Maximize the Beauty of Hair with Purity & Simplicity

Each decade, we discover even more about the complexity, organization, and intelligence of life. As we continue to uncover the vast network of the human body, our understanding of how to improve conditions increases. Although we still have somewhat of a rudimentary understanding overall and many medical conditions have no cure, it is very exciting to be able to appreciate and have a greater understanding of the complexity of life. When it comes to modern medicine, the system has been deemed an overwhelming failure by most experts and some very shocking statistical facts. Many sects of modern medicine like emergency trauma surgery are amazing and so incredibly valuable, while other aspects are underachieving to a profound degree.

Mainstream medicine neglects to utilize so much of the research that's emerging within the field of natural medicine despite many head-to-head studies showing superior results and safety to certain protocols given for many conditions. However, the natural industry has so much about it that can be criticized as well. We believe that unless a product offers real value to the majority of people who try it, it shouldn't be on the market. In addition to the products that are listed below, there are plans for several others including a product for heart & vascular health, testosterone, circulation, brain trauma and CTE, and a bio-availability enhancer to improve absorption of other supplements and food!

(coming soon)

Experiencing some type of pain is pretty much an inevitability in this world. However, for some people, it's a never-ending battle of coping with overwhelming pain. Though medication can provide some relief, there are significant risks involved. Addiction to pain medication is a very serious issue.

Relieving severe and chronic pain is a difficult thing, especially naturally. We wanted to make a formula using some of the safest & and most potent natural extracts that target multiple mechanisms. We seek to improve upon the majority of products that are currently available in the natural pain-relieving category and hope it will provide a safe option to improve pain levels and lower the potential for addiction or side effects from medication. Click here to learn more