We believe in going the natural route as often as possible because of the potential upside and low risk of side effects. There are many things that are certainly worthy of respect when it comes to modern medicine. Emergency surgery and advancements in diagnostics are amazing. The skill and dedication many have to helping others is admirable. However, other branches of modern medicine are failing humanity in a profound way. The lack of early diagnosis and the shortcomings of protocols are glaring. The medical industry is a business first and would suffer financially if diseases were cured before they really took hold.

O U R   P H I L O S O P H Y www.naturalmedicineheals.com
O U R   P H I L O S O P H Y www.naturalmedicineheals.com

Our product ingredients are chosen for their excellent safety profile. Despite most natural ingredients having an excellent safety profile, there are some compounds that can potentially cause issues. While each person's body is unique and reacts differently, we make sure to choose ingredients that are known to be very safe.


We want to make sure each ingredient in our formulas is qualified to be inside the human body. Each ingredient is chosen with a specific purpose in mind, backed up by science. We are extremely meticulous about the ingredients we use in our formulas. It's important to look for credible science, experiences, and overall safety. The ingredients chosen are the result of years of studying in the health science, nutrition, and herbal medicine realm.

Sourcing the highest quality ingredients possible for our formulas is incredibly important. We source certified organic, organically grown, and wildcrafted ingredients as much as possible. We meticulously spend many months choosing ingredients. Without good starting ingredients, the best formula on paper won't perform very well within the body.

We at Natural Principles love and appreciate the amazing power of nature. The diversity, wonder, depth, and beauty are truly something to behold. After years of studying and research, it is abundantly clear that the potential of natural medicine is incredibly vast. Especially when done the right way! Too many people all around the world still aren't fully taking advantage of what is given to us for healing. Such a vast amount of powerful research is still overlooked and not helping people as it should.

It's incredibly important that medicine is safe and affordable. Everyone has the right to improve their health using scientifically sound, affordable, safe methods. My formal degree is in nutrition and health science. Other certification courses I've taken over the years include herbalism, nutritional consulting, and different branches of natural medicine.

Around a decade ago, I worked as a nutritionist and health advisor for a company called Life Extension. Working for a prominent company like that was a great learning experience. During that time, some of the people working there were constantly urging me to have my own company. It took a while, but here I am around a decade later. Prior to launching this business, I was working with a company in the health & longevity space creating different types of formulas.