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P  A  I  N     R  E  S  T  R  A  I  N | www.naturalmedicineheals.com


One of the main focuses of this site is to help people who are struggling with pain. While Calm Cycle is meant for women struggling with menstrual pains & symptoms, Pain Restrain is meant for anyone struggling with pain. We have strategically chosen ingredients that cater to different types of pains such as degenerative arthritic and joint conditions, neuropathies, injuries, post-surgical pain, inflammations, and more.

This product is the culmination of many years of research on the most potent and effective natural pain relievers.

It is very difficult to find an effective natural pain reliever. We are experiencing a massive epidemic all around the world with the abuse of pain medication. Every day, tragedies occur because of addiction and overuse of pain-relieving medications that are negligently prescribed without giving an adequate understanding. While the invention of these types of medication helps many people with unbearable pain, it's also causing deaths and addictions all over the world in droves.

There is great urgency in figuring this out quickly because of how pervasive this problem is becoming. We won't sit here and we've come up with a solution that can replace any medication, that is simply not possible. Our goal with this product is to help reduce or eliminate the need for more risky medications when possible. To take the best natural extracts available with the highest potential and put them into a highly bio-available product that goes beyond what's currently available.