We are on a mission to create the most complete and effective natural solution for stubborn menstrual symptoms. Calm Cycle was born out of seeing the struggles that women go through and the lack of options available. The treatments for menstrual pain & symptoms haven't evolved much in decades. Modern medicine still fails to provide safe, effective solutions for symptoms such as severe menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding, mood swings, bloating, stabbing pain, and more. Birth control and NSAID abuse are linked to serious side effects, while most natural products ignore too many symptoms or fail to make much of an impact. We formulated Calm Cycle to support the body, mind, and emotions.

The majority of options available are either too weak, too unhealthy, or ignore too many symptoms!

Calm Cycle utilizes internal and external products to help decrease painful symptoms and promote calmness as quickly as possible! Utilizing topical and internal routes helps to flood the body with healing nutrients and maximize the body's ability to combat symptoms of PMS and menstruation. Our goals is to have the most convenient, effective, complete natural remedy for period pain on the market. Severe menstrual symptoms are on the rise, but relief is possible with the power of natural medicine. No matter what degree of pain you experience during your period, we believe it's possible to see a significant improvement.

Calm Cycle is a two-part product that helps equip the body to combat the pains and symptoms that occur each month. We try to attack symptoms from multiple angles in the healthiest way possible. Menstrual pain is notoriously stubborn and difficult to calm. We include ingredients for a range of symptoms such as severe cramps and stabbing pains, heavy bleeding, mood swings, lethargy, anxiety, bloating, and more. More women around the world are experiencing severe symptoms than ever before, but improvement is always possible no matter how severe your symptoms are.

Unlike many products on the market in the category of menstrual cramps and period pains, Calm Cycle only needs to be taken for around 6-7 days per month. We utilize unique and potent natural cramp-fighting ingredients that aren't commonly found in products. While we won't make false promises of completely removing all the symptoms you experience (which no product will do), we try our absolute best to make the most effective formula possible.

Calm Cycle works by influencing the following mechanisms:

1. Lowering Prostaglandin Synthesis

These lipids in the body have hormone-like effects and play a profound role in pain, inflammation, contraction or dilation of blood vessels, clotting, and much more. Research shows that women who experience higher levels of pain during their menstrual cycle usually produce a higher amount of two prostaglandins called F2 Alpha and E2. These cause more intense contractions in the uterus which leads to stronger menstrual cramps and overall pain.

2. Helping to Produce Calming, Relaxing Neurotransmitters

Low neurotransmitter levels such as GABA, serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and others are associated with different types of mood and emotional imbalances. For PMS and menstrual issues, studies show that GABA and serotonin levels may drop quite significantly in some women. Dopamine may be affected as well. Many women may experience this a week or more before menstruation begins and can contribute to all types of frustrating feelings and emotions. Calm Cycle supplies several nutrients to help support these neurotransmitters.

3. Supplying Potent Antispasmodic, Cramp-Fighting Nutrients

We make sure to include many strong anti-spasmodic ingredients to give your body the best chance of combating the uterine spasms that lead to cramps. This is where many herbs and supplements fail miserably, especially when cases are severe. The stabbing pain and strong contractions can be decreased to a significant degree in most cases with the right ingredients.

Calm Cycle attacks menstrual cramps with comprehensive internal and topical formulas. Using both routes allows for the best chances to combat the severe spasms and pain from the inside out and outside in. We spent many months choosing the most powerful natural cramp-fighting compounds available. However, results will vary from person to person, but it is our goal to provide as much relief to many different symptoms with more consistency than other products in this category.

4. Balancing Heavy Bleeding and Flow

This is something that few products seek to address, yet many women endure each month. Heavy menstrual bleeding is not only uncomfortable, but it can also impact your health and quality of life after your period is over. We include several ingredients known for their strong astringent and anti-hemorrhagic properties to balance flow and reduce blood loss. It is not meant to so dramatically reduce bleeding, but balance it. If the product is taken for the first time after menstruation begins, it will not be as effective as beginning the product a couple of days before.

5. Calming Inflammation, Soothing Frazzled Nerves, & Relaxing Muscles

This is such a critical aspect to feeling better on those days where everything feels inflamed, achy, and irritated. Calm Cycle provides several ingredients that can help lower the tension in the mind and soothe the nerves and muscles. This doesn't mean that these symptoms will completely go away, but we strive to go beyond what other menstrual pain formulas provide. We pay close attention to also include ingredients to help improve some of the symptoms of mind and emotions as well as the physical ones.



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The Ingredients in Calm Cycle

Nearly every company loves to tout their ingredient quality, but so few are meticulous about it. As herbalists and nutritionists, we are nerds when it comes to ingredient quality. In coming across so many different herbs and supplements throughout the years, we realize how rare it is for companies to really care about strength and quality of their ingredients. It's just something they say. However, it's usually lacking in vibrancy, color, freshness, and overall potency. Even organic and wildcrafted can be lacking.

We always try to source organically grown and wildcrafted, but go one step further to making sure it is as close to its medicinal peak as is possible. We search for the highest quality ingredients that have the most vibrant color, scent, freshness, and overall medicinal potency. Many of the samples we got were rejected, despite being of decent quality that would certainly be used by the majority of companies out there. We believe that ingredient quality is just as important as the formula itself. Below are some of the ingredients that we include in Calm Cycle. For a complete list of ingredients in our topical and internal products in Calm Cycle, please click here

Pandan Leaf

Pandan leaf is a deliciously fragrant plant that is native to Southeast Asia. It is relatively unknown in many countries despite the wide range of culinary applications and medicinal benefits. We include pandan in Calm Cycle because it's a fantastic natural remedy for period pain. It contains pain relieving, inflammation-fighting properties that are ideal for menstrual cramps and symptoms such as headaches and backaches. 1,2

Additionally, pandan is great at soothing nerves and anxiety, which make it perfect for any formula for PMS or menstrual pain. Pandan may also help lower uric acid and be helpful for arthritis and gout, although more clinical research is needed. However, the overall medicinal potential and safety are excellent with pandan leaf.


Marjoram is another amazing natural remedy for period pain. It is highly underrated herb for menstrual cramps, digestive health, and period pains. It took many samples until we found an incredibly potent and vibrant marjoram that put the quality in stores to shame. This herb is very powerful when at its peak and contains anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic effects according to research.

Like pandan, marjoram may help with emotional calmness and balance in times of need like during one's menstrual cycle or when feeling out of sorts. Sweet marjoram may also be useful for depression, soreness, dizziness, migraines, digestive issues, PCOS, and protecting against stomach ulcers. The essential oil of marjoram is often used in blends for pain, however, the herb itself is fantastic for any type of stomach or menstrual pain. 3,4,5

Sweet Marjoram

Russian Olive fruit Oleaster (Elaeagnus Angustifolia) is a very interesting substance that is showing very interesting medicinal potential. It is packed with flavonoids and phytocompounds that show significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects according to research. Other cultures have used it for rheumatic pains and arthritis.

However, unlike medication or NSAIDs that can be damaging to the digestive tissues, Russian olive fruit appears to be healing. It shows this through its ulcer-fighting, antacid, wound-healing, gastroprotective effects according to research. It is highly beneficial for menstrual symptoms due to its ability to lower inflammatory compounds such as cytokines, prostaglandins, and the sensation of pain. 6-7


Russian Olive Fruit

Magnesium is one of the most helpful nutrients for painful menstrual symptoms because of its ability to calm spasms and lower the production of inflammatory prostaglandins, which are one of the most critical factors causing menstrual cramps. In one study, magnesium significantly lowered the severity of symptoms such as headaches, cramps, back pain, irritability, and abdominal pain. 8

Boron isn't well known for menstrual pain and dysmenorrhea, but research shows that it may be extremely helpful. Boron is a highly versatile micronutrient that helps protect the body. A triple-blind study with over 100 women noticed a significant improvement with boron supplementation. Boron reduced the severity and duration of symptoms through its anti-inflammatory effects. 9

Magnesium & Boron


Lemon verbena is a fragrant, delicious tea that's packed with medicinal benefits. For PMS and menstrual pain, lemon verbena is ideal because it caters to the physical and emotional, much like magnesium and pandan leaf. It's soothing and comforting to the mind as well as the stomach. Lemon verbena is highly regarded for its ability to quell stomach distress, spasms, and inflammation.

The antispasmodic and analgesic effects are great for menstrual cramps and make it a powerful natural remedy for period pain. It may also be useful for diarrhea, constipation, stress, anxiety, and gas, which all can occur during one's menstrual cycle. One study with athletes showed faster recovery, lower pain, and less damage when taking lemon verbena extract. Another study showed a positive impact on sleep quality. 10, 11


Lemon Verbena

Ginger & Cinnamon


Cinnamon and ginger are classic spices with potent medicinal benefits. A plethora of research shows benefits for circulation, inflammation, pain, glucose balance, infections, digestive health, and more. When it comes to menstrual pain, ginger is highly touted for its ability to decrease the severity of cramps. This may be due to its ability to lower inflammatory prostaglandins in the body.

Together with cinnamon, they may also help with heavy flow and bleeding and are a fantastic combination to help increase circulation. Improving circulation can be helpful for dysmenorrhea where blood stasis or stagnancy is a factor. They may also help improve the absorption of other ingredients. We source a concentrated organic ginger juice powder that is freeze-dried and an organic Ceylon cinnamon which is extremely potent. 12, 13, 14, 15


Peppermint is one of the most popular teas and herbs around the world. However, it is usually not very medicinally potent. It took many samples until we found an organic peppermint that was at its peak medicinally. Peppermint is a great natural remedy for period pain because it helps cool the body, may provide a slight mood boost, and has antispasmodic effects to calm cramping.

The soothing effects to the stomach are also very valuable during one's cycle. Peppermint may help to decrease the overall sensation of pain in the body, which works well with other pain relieving herbs. One study with peppermint showed that it helped reduce the severity of pain, as well as nausea and diarrhea! 16-17


Our topical blend contains some of the most potent cramp-fighting, pain relieving, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory essential oils such as copaiba, plai, turmeric co2, coriander co2, marjoram, nutmeg, cypress, clary sage, bay laurel, peppermint, and more. Calm Cycle formulated to help provide relief as as possible without having to use a product all month long. It's a difficult thing to halt and calm very strong symptoms, but using comprehensive internal and topical formulas allows Calm Cycle to go beyond what teas, tinctures, or pill formulas are able to. Using dual routes helps to stimulate a stronger effect by working on multiple levels of our physiology simultaneously while still being incredibly gentle.

A Unique Natural Remedy For Period Pain & Menstrual Cramps

Vitamin B6 (in the form of P5P)


Vitamin B6 is an incredibly versatile nutrient that helps to calm the mind by influencing neurotransmitters such as GABA and serotonin. It's a critical cofactor in these calming brain chemicals, which studies show may be low in women suffering from PMS and severe menstrual cramps. Vitamin B6 has several studies showing benefits for dysmenorrhea and PMS symptoms.

Additionally, B6 is a great synergistic nutrient with magnesium that may cause a greater impact than magnesium alone on PMS and menstrual symptoms. The mechanism for this may be threefold. The stimulation of calming neurotransmitters, the conversion of an aggressive type of estrogen to a more gentle form, and an increase in progesterone, which is often low in those with strong period pains and PMS. 18